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Wildlife of the Amazon Part 2: Reptiles and Amphibians

Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest Part 2: Reptiles and Amphibians
Guyana's Amazon rainforest and savannahs are great places to see many different species of reptiles though it take some practices to spot them. A good place to start are the interior and exterior walls of your accommodation  where you will encounter many species of lizards and gecko's on every corner. These lizards are your friends as they eat many nasty flies, mosquito's and other bugs so do not scare them away.

Wildlife of the Amazon Part 1: Mammals

Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest Part 1: Mammals
We have the great privilege of being one of the few to run volunteer abroad programs in Guyana's unspoiled Amazon rainforest. Guyana's Amazon is the most northern reach of the Amazon Basin and also some of the last untouched tropical rainforest in the world. Being in Guyana is always a pleasure and you never know which animals you encounter. Whenever we think we have seen it all some interesting animals introduces itself that we had no clue of even existed.

The ones that got away! Part 3

The ones that got away! Part 3

The ones that got away! Part 1

The ones that got away! Part 1

A tip for the wildlife loving camera trigger happy people among us who be travelling soon for either a adventure trip or volunteer abroad project! I can't say this enough, Always be prepared!

Malaysia, Penang, July 2001

The ones that got away! Part 2

The ones that got away! Part 2

Top Wildlife Watching Trips Canada

In this blog post we will go over some of the most exciting wildlife watching trips in Canada which we really recommend to join after you have finished with your volunteer abroad project in North America.


Halloween's Scariest Wildlife!

Getting ready for Halloween this weekend? If so, then I am sure you have thought long and hard these last weeks of which monster you will dress yourself as and many among us will take out their favourite horror movies and novels to get in to the right mood. But we don't have to look out for monsters of other planets, fantasy or other dimensions to get a good scare!

Volunteering with Wildlife

In this Blog post we will talk about a few things to keep in mind when chosing your wildlife volunteer abroad project or opportunity.


Volunteering with wildlife is growing more popular each year on the hand and is needed more than ever on the other! That is great of course but where to find a rewarding project and what to look out for? There are many wildlife volunteer projects offered around the world, most notably in Africa.


Wildlife Watching Canada

When thinking of destinations to view wildlife in the wild for most people countries like Kenya and South Africa come to mind. In this Fronteering blog post we would like to go over some great wildlife watching opportunities in Canada!

Wildlife Volunteering North America

Volunteering with wildlife has always been a popular category with volunteers. However traditionally these projects have often been just available in Africa and in a lesser extend also in South Asia and some parts of South America.
However no more, Fronteering has specialized in providing meaningful wildlife rescue and rehabilitation projects where you can be in direct contact with the local North American wildlife! Located in often beautiful and remote (some would call it isolated) surroundings to give you one of the best volunteer abroad experiences ever!


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