10 reasons why Guyana

10 Reasons Why Guyana Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel and Volunteer Abroad List!

Few tourists visit Guyana each year every which is really a shame as it has so much to offer to any traveller who is looking for something different, in hope to get some of that feeling that early explores must have felt!

Guyana is South America's only English speaking country, the size of the England with only 750,000 inhabitants most of which live in and around the capital Georgetown on the coast. Below we would like to summarize the top 10 reasons why to visit Guyana on your next big travel trip or volunteer abroad experience!

1. One of the last unspoiled stretches of the Amazon Rainforest

Guyana exist for 80% out of tropical virgin rainforest still very rich in wildlife with a surprise around every corner (tree). Unlike other countries in South America in Guyana mining, logging and the wildlife trade have not effected this wilderness. yet..

2. Rupununi Savannah

If you still did not get your time machine to work to visit the old wild west then waste your time no longer. Rodeo's, cattle rustlers and jaguars stalking cattle where cowboys still do everything by man and horse power: The Savannahs of the Rupununi are a vast wilderness where Amerindian cowboys called Vaqueros roam the plains as they have done so in ages past where once Frank James used to ride and where the world largest ranch once was located.

The Rupununi savannah is a excellent place for horse riding holidays, wildlife spotting, fishing and birding opportunities.

3. Annual Rupununi Rodeo Festival

No safety measures, no tricks and actually wild horses & cattle that are rounded up straight out of the Rupununi wilderness! Undoubtedly on the most authentic rodeo's left in this world this 3 day festival is something you will always remember especially if you decide to join up yourself last minute after a few too many beers!


4. A Last wild Haven for some of the rarest of animals in South America




Tapirs so common that they are called bushcows, giant anaconda's on the river banks, black caiman reaching of 5 meters in length visible during the day time and large troops of Giant River otters! Guyana's wildlife has been spared the onslaught unlike many other South American countries. Where ever you travel you will see plenty of wildlife whether you go caiman catching (including adults) for a night with research team or stay in Georgetown. Guyana must have the only capital in the world where parrots and Macaws can frequently been seen flying overhead in the middle of the city.


5. Kaieteur Falls

Disappointed by Niagara falls for being in the middle of the city? Annoyed by the amounts of tourist and hotels and roads surrounding iguacu and the Victoria Falls? Unimpressed by the little drip of water called Angels falls? We recommend Kaietuer falls! Set in the middle of a vast wilderness far from any civilization dropping over 250 meters (800 ft) Kaieteur falls is in volume and heigth the world largest single drop waterfall!

6. Shell Beach

Shell beach offers a great opportunity to view one of earths largest reptiles: the leatherback turtle. These giants can weigh up to 750 kilo and are a sight to behold. Other frequent visitors are green and Hawksbill turtle which though smaller are equally impressive. All though not a place recommend for swimming Shell beach is one the last wild beaches of this word with only a few small Amerindian settlements surrounded by mangrove and rainforest where jaguars still prowl the beaches at night!

7. Fishing

Most of the few tourist visiting Guyana are either birders or fishermen. Guyana has great opportunities for both. The rivers of Guyana are some of the richest in the world with many different species fish including the above Pairama and its cousin the Black Piranha. If you do decide to go on a fishing trip to Guyana, we would ask you to think about the environment and to release the fish you catch.


8. Extreme adventure trips

More then any other destination Guyana offers great adventure travel opportunities. Jungle survivals including a 4 day isolation period, combat training, abseiling or climbing Kaieteur falls, 4x4 extreme drives, cowboy holidays including your own rodeo and much more! These trips are the real deal with no compensations made.

9. Amerindian Cultures

Caribe, Arawak, Warao, Macushi, Waiwai and Wapisiana are just a few of the Amerindian groups found in Guyana with their languages, customs and cultures they live mostly in the wild interior and mangrove coast of Guyana. No visit to Guyana would be complete without visiting some of the communities that are dotted through the savannahs, rainforest and mangroves.

10. George Town

Though arguably not the most exciting city in the world, Georgetown does have its charm and is far from as dangerous as some people make it out to be. Often called the garden city, Georgetown has no high-rises and consist mainly out of wooden building. It is also home to world largest wooden structure: St. George Cathedral. Even though the interior is Guyana's main attraction with Parrots flying overhead, horses pulling carts, small markets and some nice cafe's and restaurant Georgetown does have something to offer for everyone.


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