Australia has had a draw on many adventurers since it had been discovered in 1606 by the Dutch. Australia has everything from beautiful white sandy beaches to the dry deserts of the outback and from lowland tropical rainforests to mountain wilderness of the blue mountains. As unique as it landscape so is it wildlife. No other country on earth has so many indigenous species of animals that are found no where else on earth. With Fronteering you have the opportunity to explore and travel through Australia will rehabilitating wildlife. From Emu's to Kangaroos and not least of all the amazing Tasmanian Devils who are in great need due to terrible disease that is wiping out their ever dwindling populations. Australia is an excellent volunteer abroad destination.

Horse Ranch Australia

Do you love working with people and animals? Do you enjoy riding horses? Then be a part of our horse riding ranch in Australia whose goal is to provide everyone with a unique and unforgettable experience of swimming with their horses on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Located within the islands of the Great Barrier Reef in north Queensland, this program is perfect for you if you have an outgoing personality and is looking for fun and an amazing opportunity of a lifetime.

3 Week for
  • Location Australia
  • Continent Australasia
  • Type Horse Ranch
  • Duration 3 - 12 weeks
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