Safety & In-Country Support

When you voluneer abroad safety for all invovled should come first. At FRONTEERING TRAVEL SERVICES INC. we do our outmost best to provide the safety measures needed for our Volunteer Abroad projects and Adventure Travel Trips. However due to the fact that many of our volunteer abroad projects and trips involve wild animals and/or are in remote locations there is a small element of risk involved. Not all of our projects and trips are for the faint at heart however we do cater to those of all walks of life. If you are not too sure about the suitability of a Volunteer Abroad project or an Adventure Travel trip then feel free to ask as we are always ready to answer any questions or discuss any doubts that come to mind.

Our volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips are for those with an adventurous spirit, a love for nature & wildlife, who would like to make a true difference and want to travel to the more unspoiled places of this world. Though the chance that something goes wrong is very small, we have in-country support staff in each country we operate to make sure that if anything goes wrong we are able to act quickly.
For our more adventures projects, expeditions and trips in the tropics we employ a detailed system of safety measures from the ability to give first aid from a well stocked medical kit on the spot, and evacuation systems involving every potential method from stretchers to boats, from aircraft. Our projects and trips are in remote places and they do not have all the search and rescue capability of the developed world.

Therefore where needed we also employ the latest technology in communications, using satellite and HF radio communications, satellite tracking systems as well as a variety of means of identifying ourselves to rescue aircraft and teams. This is more difficult than you might expect in the jungle. The forest looks pretty much the same everywhere from an aircraft at 1000 feet and a small team below the canopy is very difficult to spot.
When taking part in risky activities (for example rock climbing/abseiling), the latest safety kit, from ropes, harnesses, lifejackets and helmets are used.

For some of the volunteer abroad projects/trips (mainly expeditions) also a medic and expedition leader besides the in-country coordinator will be part of the team. Our In-country coordinators are carefully selected and have the best of any experience you could ever need to work in these last frontiers of this world. From former Jungle rescue team leaders to Ex-UK Special forces and former UN Peace Corps members, you will be in good hands. For more information about our in-country coordinators who will guide you while you volunteer abroad at one of our projects please visit our Meet the Team section.


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