Jeffson Araujo

Lieutenant Jeffson Araujo (in-country coordinator Brazil) is born and raised in the heart of the largest jungle of the world: the Amazon Basin. Lt. Araujo started his career in the Army back in 1993. The first four years of his career in he spent in the frontier of the remote jungles of the Brazilian, former British Guyana and Venezuelan border. Following these 4 years Lt. Araujo did not leave the frontier and lived for over a year with the Yanomamis Amerindian Tribe who trained him in millennia’s old jungle survival skills and knowledge. After having learned all there is to know about the art of jungle survival he moved to the Amazon’s largest city; Manaus where he spent four years as a jungle commando part of a jungle rescue team. In 2002 he left the army behind him and started his own jungle survival company to introduce anyone who would like to see more of the jungle in a different and very exciting way! Getting close to his 10th year anniversary of running survival trips many of his men that used to serve him in the army still do this day and lead and guide his jungle survival trips. Patrick van de Velde and Lt. Jeffson Auraujo met in 2003 during a jungle survival and have been friends ever since. Together they provide excellent volunteer abroad and adventure travel trips in the green heart and one of the last frontiers of this world!


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