Ian Craddock

Ian Craddock (in-country coordinator Guyana & Belize) was a British Army officer who served in the Infantry and Special Forces for 10 years. He first moved to Guyana in 2002 organizing jungle expeditions for a British conservation charity. Ian has completed a variety of specialist courses from Combat Survival Instructor to Military Mountaineering and climbing instructor. He has taken part in exercises and operations in a host of countries around the world from the Gulf to the Falkland Islands, from North America to the Indian Himalayas - where he jointly led a joint Anglo-Indian team on the first successful ascent of Mt Tingchen Khan. Ian has also spent quite so of his time in leading BBC nature expeditions in to the heart of Guyana. He did spend a couple of years trying to do the city life in London, but got dragged back to the outdoors quite easily! Each year Ian spends about 50% of his time in the jungle. The other 50% is spent planning how to get back in.


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